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File Size Lengh D/L Est. Time(56K)
CBC Sports 19.6 m 1:57 min 1h24
ESPN 16.0 m 1:35 min 1h08
TSN 1 18.4 m 1:49 min 1h19
TSN 2 19.3 m 1:56 min 1h22
Ending 20,9 m 2:04 min 1h30


Same as above, however you will need to download these files with Winzip. You can download a copy of Winzip at

File Size Estimed Time(56K)
CBC Sports 4,69 m 20 min
ESPN 4,95 m 21 min
TSN 1 6,58 m 28 min
TSN 2 8,03 m 35 min
Intro 3,87 m 17 min